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Over the past few years I was lucky to work with some of the best brands in the mountainbike industry but thanks to various projects I extended my network across the borders of the bike industry.


Presenter of the V10 SANTA CRUZ launch video

As a Youtuber and Vlogger, it was an honor, to get such a chance like a launch video for the V10. It is the most famous bike of the brand Santa Cruz Bicycles and also the most successful racebike in world cup history. So there were much more famous people who could get chosen, to present a launch video, than me.

I flew over and produced a long video about the brand, the developing and the bike. After the launch we can confirm it was the most clicked entree to the website of Santa Cruz as well as the most successful launch ever. 


Consulting of a TV movie production

A German film production booked me in order to consult their movie for one of the German main TV channels about authentic mountainbiking. In the end, my work was way more than that. Due to my great knowledge and network I helped out in a lot more cases. Questions of the requisite, the location, building stunts, renting bikes, and at the end also being a stunt double. 

Me working at the _biketransalp .Daily l

Social Media Presenter of bike events

The Bike and Tour Transalp are the most famous bicycle events across the Alps. My job was to moderate all social media posts during the 8-day event. It became a great mix of live streams, pictures, galleries, results, and video clips. 


Social Media Moderation for Newmen

Taking care of the social media accounts from the wheel, bar and stem manufacturer NEWMEN.

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Event Host for bike Festivals in Riva, Willingen & Leogang

I hosted the festivals in 2018 and 2019, which meant that I moderated all video clips around the events, created content for the various social media accounts, before, after and during the events.


Social Media Moderation for Merchant & Friends

MERCHANT & FRIENDS is a coffee roasting company in Bavaria, South of Germany. They sell coffee, coffee machines, all types of equipment and a lot of more cool stuff. I was involved in developing a concept for the Social Media Accounts of this brand.

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